Watch: Baba Sehgal has made his love for food and entertainment clear with new song 'Chizza Rap'

In Baba Sehgal's list, KFC's Chizza just won over pizza. Domino's, are you listening?

Baba Sehgal is a phenomena the rap world has been introduced to and so have we. The self-claimed first ever Hindi rapper is not out with a new single that has brought everything from KFC’s Chizza to Ibiza under the same roof. That’s exactly why we called him a phenomena right at the start.

KFC’s Chizza seems to have been the inspiration behind this song that has Baba Sehgal written all over it. The rapper seems to have liked the dish so much that he wrote a song on it and apologizes for confessing that it is a lot better than pizza. Domino’s, are you listening?

Not the first time the rapper has written a song about food though. He has ‘Chicken Fried Rice’ to his credit and in this song has also brought in a girlfriend named Liza. In praise of his video editor, Sehgal said that he does his editing job really fast. He added that the song all-in-all, right from creating the song, giving it music to all other edting took the rapper only three days.

The song is available on Sehgal’s YouTube channel ‘Baba Sehgal Entertainment’ and boasts of nearly one lakh views now. You have to give it to Baba Sehgal to sing about food though, because food after all is life for most of us. We cannot yet choose between Chizza and pizza though, but the rapper has made his choice known for sure. Watch Baba Sehgal in all his glory and tell us what you think.