Watch: Atif Aslam gives us another reason to love him, halts concert to save girl from eve-teasers

Though you might not need more reasons to be one among his fans, Atif Aslam reprimanding these eve-teasers is sure to make you respect him.

Be it on the streets or at shopping malls or just anywhere, men who make it their aim to harass and tease women are a common sight. Something similar happened at an Atif Aslam concert in Karachi on Saturday.

Karachi used to be a hub for such events at one point in time but the deteriorating law and order situation led to a hurdle in it. At this concert on Saturday the Pakistani singer had to reprimand a few men who were harassing a girl in the front row at the concert. He also ensured the security guards took the girl away to safety.

The singer can be seen halting his concert mid-way and reprimanding the men saying “Pehli baari ladki dekhi hai kya? Tumhaari maa ya behen bhi ho sakti hai yahin pe!”. He follows this by what seems to sound like a ‘rescue her’ to the security guards, who instantly jumped to action. The crowd can be heard erupting into an ‘Atif, Atif’ cheer right after he reprimands the men. Well, what he did does call for this much of basic cheering after all.

While most artistes and even people would turn a blind eye to such incidents, Atif Aslam stopping his concert mid-way to make a point is indeed commendable. Known for his singing and having been a heartthrob, with this one act is sure to send his fan following way up.