Watch: Hilarious parody video shows you how to make a baby clean the house. No, really

Trust a father to effortlessly convince your baby into cleaning the house.

Don’t we all agree to how cleaning up a house is one of the most irritating things we need to do? To be honest, most of us avoid it till the very last minute and only start off when it gets impossible to live in the messy household or unless our mother literally runs after us with a broom. How about if we get a baby to do this job for us instead? If you think we’re kidding, wait until you watch this happening.

We’ve all seen those photos of babies left alone with their daddies and the kind of heart attack-inducing effect it must have on the mother when she walks in is something we can all imagine. Well, this baby on the ‘How to Dad’ video cleans the house up somehow having fun the whole time. From the dishes to vaccum cleaning, this daddy effortlessly gets the little one to do it all and it has us in splits.

Uploaded on Facebook by VoxSpace, the video has over 2 million views and people are surely having the time of their lives seeing a baby pull off this feat. After all, somebody gota toddler to do the job most of us adults cannot pull off, and for those among us who are capable enough this ‘How to get a baby to clean the house’ might come in very handy.

It might as well have come with a ‘Do not try this at home’ warning, but trust this parody video to make you laugh through the rest of your day.