Want to break the ice? Here's how Facebook Messenger can help

Facebook Messenger's new feature is what we are waiting for

Facebook wants you to chat and it’s leaving no stone unturned to make that happen for you. From experimenting with a variety of features to letting businesses chat with their clients via its app, Facebook is revolutionising the way the way the world talks.

However, that’s not it. Facebook now intends to act as an ice-breaker in conversations that seem to be going nowhere. You may wonder, how it’s planning to make that happen? Well, the answer is simple- by adding a ‘Conversation Topics’ feature to its messenger app.

According to reports, the company is now testing a new feature that suggests topics of conversation to its users. The suggestions appear under a separate section in the Facebook Messenger and could include anything from your recent holiday trips or common areas of interest.

The feature was first spotted by Developer Experience Lead at Uber Chris Messina, who tweeted a screenshot of the suggestions.

Though the feature is still being tested, it holds tremendous potential for the times when we run out of topics for conversations or for those who are socially awkward at conversations. So don’t be surprised if a rescue message from the messenger pops up suggesting topics when you’re running out of topics to talk about!