Viral Poem 'Time For Love' Is The Wake Up Call Closet Homophobes Need

Two men hold hands in a public place, but even in 2018, something’s not quite right.

Time For Love is a poem by BBC’s Scottish counterpart that calls out homophobia in modern society, and talks about the concept of normality.

The pressure of convention is turning us into robots and love pays the price. It is true that even in 2018 same sex couples can’t do the same normal things that an opposite sex couple can do without people reacting. When you walk past a couple – a man and woman – it’s pretty normal. But if you spot a homosexual couple taking a stroll in the park, there will be gasps and stares. It’s not just small towns that are intolerant, you would receive stares even in Mumbai, Delhi or Glasgow. It’s because we as ‘people’ have been taught that heterosexuality is the very definition of normal while homosexuality isn’t. People are conditioned to do as they’re told from birth, follow rules of what is right or wrong, believe in fictional religions assigned to them and never question what they’re told by people in power.

Watch the video that questions society’s double standards and challenges everything that is normal:

Why are same sex couples not allowed to just be happy and do what straight couples do? If being gay or bisexual is normal on paper, it’s time to start treating it as normal in theory too.