Watch: This 300 kg fur-ball is all you need after a tiring day

Brace yourselves for cuteness overload!

What is your idea of an ideal pet? A dog? A cat? okay, a bird? How about a full-grown 300-kg bear? A real one.

Nope, we are not exaggerating at all! This Russian family who lives in the Moscow region has adopted a 300 kg brown bear. For real!

Hey there, Stepan the bear. This family in Russia had rescued the bear when he was only a 3-month old baby.

The family found the bear in really bad condition after hunters managed to capture him. But today, the bear lives among the family eats food in the most adorable manner and greets the guests in his own delightfully unique manner.

Did we mention he knows some amazing circus tricks too? Svetlana and Yury Panteleenko who takes care of Stepan are circus bear trainers too. They train Stepan to do the wondrous things that he does. However, as far as being adorable is concerned that’s completely his doing.

Watch the entire video to believe it yourself:

I wonder how amazing would it be to snuggle next to this not-so-little perfection! Impossible to have a dull day around. After all, free hugs from a real bear, you guys!