Twitter Is Loving The Thai Chef Who Told Gordon Ramsay He Can't Cook

Celebrity chef and TV judge Gordon Ramsay is getting trolled on the Internet for a video that has recently resurfaced on the web. The hilarious video shows the Hell’s Kitchen chef getting destroyed by another chef for his horrible Pad Thai.

The clip is from 2009- season five of Ramsay’s show The F Word. He visits a London Thai temple where he makes Pad Thai for Buddhist monks but before he serves the order, Ramsay meets a Thai restaurateur and chef named Chang. This episode is GOLD – Gordon yells at people for getting risotto wrong but when it’s his turn to wrap dumplings and cook basic Pad Thai for lunch, he fails miserably.

Checkout the tweet right here:

aaand Twitter can’t stop trolling Chef Ramsay:

To savor the savagery in its entirety, please watch the entire video here. Please, just watch it: