Trump gets trolled for a hilarious typo on official inauguration poster

Trump gets trolled. Again.

Did you hear? Trump got trolled. Again.

President Trump’s official inauguration portrait went up for sale with an obvious typo on it and Twitter, as usual, started trolling Mr. President. They’re kinda used to it at this point.

The print of Trump, sold on the Library of Congress’s website, features a quote from the president which mistakes ‘too’ for ‘to’.

“No dream is too big, no challenge is to great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach,” the quote proudly says.

Social media users quickly trolled the misspelling which prompted the print’s swift removal from the website before it could get trolled any further. But alas, screenshots exist.

Check out how Twitter reacted:

This error is the latest addition to many obvious typos from the mighty Trump administration. Last week was the ‘See you in court’ debacle and prior to that the administration put out a list of terrorist “attaks” last week, misspelling “attack” over 20 times.

We think it’s a little ‘to’ complicated for Trump, ain’t that right?