Mocking Sexual Abuse? Trolls In India Have Reached The Point Of No Return

Congratulations, everybody. We’ve reached an all new low.

Recently, Indian journalist Barkha Dutt spoke about the sexual abuse she faced as a child and the video was shared on Brut India’s Facebook page. The 1 min 29 second long video has Barkha talking about being molested as a child and talks about how she was trolled for speaking up about it in her book, The Unquiet Land. The video has garnered more than  176k views in a day along with some very, very vile comments.

You could be the most dim-witted person on the planet, but we’d still expect you to not pass disturbing comments on such a concern. You could agree or disagree with one’s opinions, but stooping to the level where you laugh and ridicule a person’s experience of abuse, is the lowest one can stoop. Just because they do not share the same opinion as you, does that mean the other person cannot even be afforded the courtesy given to another human? Even for a country like ours that thrives on caustic and divisive hate currently, this has set the bar pretty low.

One only needs to go through the comments section to be realise just how much is wrong with our society. We’re not sure why we have to say this out loud, but here goes anyway: Just because her ideology doesn’t match with yours, that doesn’t give you a right to abuse her. Or anyone else for that matter.

The comment section has one nasty comment after another. Most seem to believe that the worst abuse for a woman (apart from questioning her character), is to call her ugly. And we wonder why young girls grow up with self-esteem issues?

India, superpower by 2020 you gaiz. We’re doing great so far!