'Cruise' through Tom's film career in 9 minutes with James Corden

Cruise and Corden recreated scenes in front of a blue screen

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise was the latest guest appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden. As expected, Corden had a surprise planned for us. Within in a 9 minute well-planned (and well-executed) skit, we go cruising through Tom’s entire film career starting right from Top Gun to Risky Business. Other popular films included in the segment were Rain Man and Vanilla Sky.

The crowd stormed when the Cruise and Corden pretended to hang from the ceiling while recreating the popular scene from Cruise’s iconic film Mission Impossible. Given the popularity of the film, they dedicated special time for it, recreating many other famous scenes from the film series, adding a motorcycle race scene and another where they attempt to climb a building.

Both the men delivered a near-perfect performance expect when Cruise forgot to remove his wig from the Eyes Wide Shut segment as he transitioned to next film A Few Good Men. The crowd laughed anyway and cheered on as they moved on to the next film Cocktail.

The duo acted out scenes from Cruise’s career in front of a blue screen as they rushed through the the actor’s entire career (leaving only a few minor films) with the help of a series of props and that tech guy who worked late (late) nights to set the whole thing up. Well, let’s just say it was all worth it.