Today in what-did-I-just-read: river in Spain first goes green, then goes viral

Seems like this river in Spain decided to go green. Could it be out of envy?

Have you ever heard of a river that changes colour? Well this one in Spain did, and considering the fact that someone peeling green apples and another laying bitumin on a road go viral, of course this river did too. Social media, true to their personality, had their share of witty explanations for this bizarre phenomena, but turns out the real reason was something completely different.

Given the deaths that happened in Catalonia in 2016 after people drank contaminated water from the water plant, this change of colour sparked poisoning fears among the locals and had everybody panicked. People shared images of their dear water body changing colour along with very worried captions.

An official investigation was carried out and the mayor later revealed the colour change had occurred due to a dye added to the water by local administration. In a statement the Mayor further said that the dye was entirely harmless, non-toxic and biodegradable and had been used for investigation at a nearby water bottling plant. Does not mean some on Isntagram could not come up with some fun theories, right? And that they did.

The incredible Hulk pees in the river of my little country.

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Arinsal gone green _

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Fortunately for everyone, and for the river, it came back to its natural colour within a few days and put to rest everyone’s doubts about what went wrong with it. Nonetheless, we repeat, the Internet is a lovely place.