To make this day better, here's presenting to you some delicious young Justin Truffle, oh we meant Trudeau!

We can clearly never ever get enough of the hotness that young Justin Trudeau was.

The world had barely gotten over Justin Trudeau’s butt and here we are with photos of when he was a young adult and for very obvious reasons the Internet is drooling uncontrollably. We’ve loved him for his butt, for him doing Mayurasana on a table, for his refugee policy and well just for being the way he is. Now, to these young Trudeau pics if our reactions had to be summed up, this would be it.

A tiny reminder of the previous times he has been just totally cool and hot at the same time!

Remember the time when a young Joe Biden was fished out and he looked like one of God’s finest creations? Well, young Trudeau is sure Canada’s answer to that and we cannot yet decide who is winning. From an Indie band member to a Disney prince, Twitter is losing it over what Trudeau looked like when younger. And, how could we keep your eyes from feasting on him, right?

Not that he is any less dapper now, but young  Trudeau is undoubtedly Internet’s best discovery so far. If in case you get that objectification guilt creeping in, look at him again and that feeling will soon go away!