This video of a tiny monk dozing off during meditation is the most relatable thing you'll see today

Boy monk is here to show what all of us were like when it came to boring classes back in school and college.

Love sleeping? Who doesn’t? Especially when you’re forced to sit through something you would rather not. This sleepy kid at a Buddhist meditation session almost falling off while an elderly monk talks behind him, is seriously all of us post-lunch. Or in a morning class. OR at work, when we are caffeine -deprived.  In his defence, the kid did everything he could to keep himself awake, but failed nonetheless. It started off with a lighter form of the dozing off dance and went on to him pretty much falling straight to the floor.

To be honest, most of us adults would probably fall asleep in the midst of a meditation centre especially given how uber calm the locales monks function from are. Several face-saving attempts were made by his elderly counterpart but when it comes to sleep, we all know how all else fails. Then again, as a commenter on the video pointed out “sleep is the best form of meditation.”

Seems this is not the only little monk who’s unintentionally showed off his sleep lover side at a meditation session though.