This Twitter User's Sassy Responses To Homophobic Questions Are Winning The Internet

For most people in our country, a lesbian relationship is limited to sleaze they see in pornography. Lesbians in India are overtly sexualized and treated like little girls who are ‘experimenting’ till they find the right man. The portrayal of homosexual women as objects of fantasy is not just limited to porn, but is also rampant in mainstream media like Bollywood movies.

Love Matters India, an NGO focusing on sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people, is hoping to change that with the #LforLove campaign that shines light on the emotions that connect people, irrespective of their sexual preference. They want people to understand that lesbians are normal and acknowledge them for who they are – human beings who deserve love, respect and acceptance.

Twitter user Aditi M who describes herself as ‘A proud lesbian who wants the world to know we are both (she and her partner) The Girl in the relationship’, took part in the #LForLove campaign by Love Matters organization. She answered a range of questions posed anonymously to her and her sassy answers are winning the internet and we’re absolutely living for it.

Check them out right here:

And the responses