A girl who became an Uber driver, will inspire you to never give up on your dreams

The reason of her becoming an uber driver is not because she needed a job.
How many times have you thought of following your heart but life did not allow you to so? This young girl from Gujarat has actually done it!
Meet Monika Yadav: a post graduate student at Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology. Monika is also an Uber Driver who doesn’t need the money but loves to drive.
In a Facebook post on Humans of Amdavad, Monika shared her inspiring story saying, “For the past five years, I was studying and doing assignments and projects and it was something very frustrating so once I came to Ahmedabad I decided to do something adventurous. I asked myself that, what if God erases past five years from my life, then who am I and what is my actual passion? As I’m a person who hates the same monotonous life, I am not someone who will spend her whole life doing 9-5 job on the same desk. I love travelling, and love exploring new places and love meeting new people, and above all I love driving. That’s where my passion lies.”
She further states that she approached Ola cabs for a job but was turned down because they were unsure whether a woman will be able to drive or not. However, Ola’s loss became Uber’s gain when they hired her.
“My daily routine is waking up at 5:00 am and start driving up to 8:30 am, then I attend college till 5 in the evening, and again start driving from 6:00 pm till 10 at night. My schedule is hectic but I enjoy picking up riders and love to hear their stories as I learn a new lesson from them every day,” Monika added in the post.

 More power to you, Monika!