This surgeon sleeping on the hospital floor after a 28-hour long shift is the Internet's new favourite

People have praised the surgeon for his dedication and we cannot help but admit he is winning the Internet for all the right reasons.

Doctors are next to God to us mortals and when it is a surgeon in question let’s just say they literally have our lives in their hands once we’re on the table. Ever wondered how sometimes the dedicated ones must work ungodly shifts to help patients, though? This photo of a surgeon in China going viral will put that thought in your head and keep it there for a very long time to come.

Put up on Facebook by ‘China Global TV Network’ these photos of a surgeon off to sleep on the hospital floor in China has hit viral space and is absolutely winning the Internet. The surgeon is sleeping in his scrubs and surgical mask after a very tedious 28-hour shift that he pulled off. Doctor Luo Heng had reportedly performed five surgeries before he had a chance to catch up on his sleep. Doctor Heng works at a hospital in Dingyuan county, east China’s Anhui Province.

Heng had stayed up overnight to complete two surgeries and performed three more the very next day which was March 30. These photos of him dozing off on a grass mat were taken later on the same day and people have come out in massive numbers to praise this man’s dedication. Dingyuan was running at 13 degrees the day Doctor Heng literally took to the floor, but let’s just say any of us would do the same after working non-stop for 28 hours.

The posts have garnered a lot of love all over social media and rightly so. Kudos to this doctor for serving humanity as selflessly as one can and here’s hoping this re-instills our faith in surgeons. Let’s just say that Doctor Heng has just proven why doctors indeed are next to God.