This restaurant is CHANGING THE GAME in women's dating woes!

Tired of bad dates? This hooters restaurant in South Africa understands your pain. We love their ingenious idea to help women get out of bad dates!


The dating game is about to get really interesting.
Ever been on a date SO boring you could barely stay awake? Or did that Tinder hottie turn out to be immensely dull? Was your blind date so creepy that you were worried about your own safety?
If you answered any of these with a YES, you’ve obviously been through the pains of a bad date and have suffered through boring nights of ‘pretending to be interested’.
We’re pretty sure you’ll love what this restaurant has done!

A hooters in South Africa recently kicked their dating game up a notch. They wanted to make sure that no woman in the bar leaves with a date she doesn’t like and they found an ingenious way to soften the blow for the guy!

They put up this amazing sign in their Ladies bathroom and we absolutely LOVE it:


No more persevering through difficult dates- Just order the drink and you’ll be on your way back home in no time!
It’s already getting a rave response in South Africa. Don’t you think we need this cool initiative in Indian bars too?