This man's Twitter post makes a brilliant point about women being stuck in an abusive marriage

His erudite ex-classmate, herself stuck in an abusive marriage, called him up and that's what triggered this post.

Isn’t it way too often that we hear of a woman losing her career and life to a bad marriage and still chooses to stay in it? It’s no rocket science to know that this is the exact kind of marriage a person should walk out of, but somehow several women do not. It’s also not true that all these women are uneducated and come from poverty-stricken backgrounds. What then causes women to stay in abusive marriages in spite of knowing it’s going nowhere? This guy’s Twitter post might just have a part of this answer we are all looking for.

Usman Ghani’s Twitter post about his ex-classmate stuck in a downright abusive marriage has had social media’s heart and surely for good reason. Ghani received a call from this lady who had been an outstanding student with a brillianr career which she was made to quit after her marriage was arranged to a guy from a well-off family. Aren’t we all too familiar with this story? Of course we are and somehow know it will repeat itself like no history ever has.

His ex-classmate’s phone call moved Usman Ghani to a Twitter post asking some very pertinent questions and also telling women why no reason is enough to justify not walking out of an abusive marriage.

You might find her reason totally devoid of logic, but in all honesty a majority of very capable women who give up their career and see no way out of an abusive marriage, if asked would cite this exact same reason.

The point Usman makes about educated and capable women getting stuck in an abusive marriage and the emotional blackmail families inflict upon them is something we can all relate to. If more people could start being as moved by this issue as Usman was, we could hope for a much better society to inhabit.