This man taking down HDFC on Twitter shows us why consumers' rights shall not be taken lightly

Srinivasan vowed to tweet to HDFC till the bank apologized for unethically ripping people off their money via e-mails.

Most among us must have at some point felt cheated as a consumer especially when we are charged some extra money we feel we had no reason to pay. When it’s a bank that puts off any of its customers on such grounds, things get worse and that’s exactly what happened to HDFC recently.

Bengaluru-based Karthik Srinivasan felt he had been charged hidden fees by HDFC through e-mails welcoming customers to the virtual relationship manager programme. This programme is supposed to give the account holders additional benefits, but the fact that this costs Rs. 400 is mentioned in fine print. According to Srinivasan, the bank also signed up users for this programme by default and asked those who wanted to opt out to do so through a small link. So yes, HDFC clearly gave this customer one too many reasons to be very cross with them.

Srinivasan contacted HDFC and was told that they had been ‘fair and transparent’ in their scheme. As you can imagine, this kind of complacency does not go down well with a customer who already feels cheated. Soon after, Srinivasan decided to tweet to HDFC regarding this issue ‘every single day till the end of 2017’ and would do so till the bank apologized.

Karthik Srinivasan has over 25,000 followers on Twitter and though his campaign hasn’t yet succeeded it’s surely garnered a lot of attention.