This man sitting with his laptop on a footpath is the Internet's new favourite

One moment he was on his laptop, and the next he was famous because, the Internet!

If there is one thing Twitter’s good at, it would be turning any situation into an excuse for a meme. Anything you post could become the butt of jokes or before you know it turn into a viral meme. As of now, Twitter is ROFLing over their latest find – the image of a man sitting on a footpath, working merrily away on his laptop. Because if there is anyone who does not consider ‘shift over’ as a valid reason for not working – it is the Indian boss. The photo, shared byTwitter user @abcdefu was presented with the caption, ’employee of the year’.

Considering how dirty that footpath probably was, we’re going to heartily agree. No other information is available about who the man is, or why he thought it was necessary to work from a footpath but when has that ever stopped us from cracking jokes.

The subsequent meme that followed has gone viral, with each new interpretation funnier than the last one. Bonus, because ‘footpath’: Bhai jokes made an entry.

Do you think he might be trying to contact aliens with his laptop out in the open there? Or do you have more bizarre ideas to add to the Internet’s fancy? Do tell us