This man rescued an old lady who'd been starving for two months and the Internet is loving it

Prasad received a phone call about this lady who'd been starving for two months and immediately ran to her rescue.

Poverty is an issue that’s been around since too long to even remember now in India. It’s a fact we are all aware of that while in some houses, large amounts of food get wasted everyday, others do not even manage two square meals a day. While we all sit around and have several discussions about how poverty claims lives, some take it upon themselves to help those dying of poverty and this guy has become Internet’s latest favourite after he rescued a starving old lady.

This young man from Vizianagram in Andhra Pradesh named Charan Prasad received a call from an unknown number informing him of a lady who had been without food for two months. Instead of sitting around and pondering over how it could have been a fake call Prasad rushed to the spot and rushed to feed her. In his Facebook post he also tells us how soon after feeding her, he also took her to the hospital for further treatment.

Charan’s Facebook post is where we are sourcing this information from and it reads.

“Today morning we got a call from an unknown person about a old lady is staying at a road side near BC colony from last two months without having food… So immediately we responded and we went there to see the old lady and we fed her immediately..
After that we have taken her to a Govt Hospital of vizianagaram for treatment..”

He also informed those following his posts another update soon after.

Prasad’s post went viral and he received a lot of praise from people around for his work. Prasad’s active participation in saving this woman’s life is a reminder of how we are all capable of helping fellow human beings. In time of apathy, people like Prasad keep our faith in human solidarity alive and kudos to him for this.