This Is How Zomato & UberEATS Suffered For Taking A Stand

Netizens started using "#BoycottUberEats" and #BoycottZomato on Twitter after UberEATS posted a tweet extending their support to Zomato

As the controversy around Zomato taking a stand against bigotry blew up on social media, UberEATS fell in the line of fire. Netizens started using “#BoycottUberEats” on Twitter after they posted a tweet extending their support to Zomato.

UberEATS’ message of solidarity drew some angry reactions with some users saying that they will boycott both UberEATS and Zomato.

While some were furious about another food aggregator extending support to its competition on the matter of bigotry, others were happy making memes out of the entire situation.

What the controversy is about

The whole controversy began when a man cancelled his food order on Zomato because the deliveryperson was a “non Hindu rider”. In the chat support, he reasoned that he follows “shrawan” because of which he won’t accept delivery from a Muslim rider. After ranting about not getting a refund from Zomato, the food delivery app replied: “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion.”

Then company’s CEO Deepinder Goyal also weighed in with a tweet in which he stood by the company’s decision.

As the controversy escalated, there was also a discussion around the options of halal meat and Jain food being provided on the aggregator. In its clarification, the company explained why they offer such tags and said that while an FSSAI license is mandatory, halal certification is voluntary.