This granny on Instagram could give most models a run for their money. Let the pictures prove that

This granny is nothing like you'd imagine.

At the mention of grandmother, most of us would imagine an old, wrinkled lady making jam and knitting sweaters for her grandkids. In fact, that’s the kind of grandmothers we have all seen and grown up with. Here’s presenting to you a granny that is nothing of the sort and could give most teenage fashionistas a run for their money.

Yes, you heard that right. This grandmother of two is an Instagram model and a drop-dead gorgeous one at that. From the pout to a brilliant collection of eyewear and just about everything else she puts on, there is nothing about this model that is even slightly out of place. 47-year-old Zaklina is from Serbia but has travelled all over the world and picked up most of her style from Switzerland, Poland and France.

You could zoom in as much as you wish to into any of her Instagram posts, but not one will you find that in any way gives out her age. Her skin looks magically young and every inch of perfectionism goes into her hair and attire in every photo. With no intention to be mistaken for just another teenage model, Zaklina makes it a point to use the hashtag ‘grandmother that loves fashion’.

Another hashtag she uses is ‘Remember Stefan’, in memory of her son Stefan who passed away on Christmas Eve last year after being hit by a car in Belgrade, Serbia. This fashionista granny on Instagram, who goes by the username ‘realfashionist’ is proof to the ‘age is just a number’ adage and here are a few pictures to prove the same.

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Wondering what you’d look like as a granny, isn’t it?