This Despacito cover in Hindi, English, Spanish is the best thing you'll hear today

Srushti Barlewar sang Despacito by Luis Fonsi in a mixture of English and Hindi and we can't stop listening to it on loop

Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber’s Despacito is an earworm. Literally 90% of the song has been sung in Spanish and yet it is catchy and easily a popular fan favourite. Maybe hearing the familiar voices of  perform it is one of our fave things right now. But maybe the barrier of language became a barrier to our enjoying the essence of the song. But here is a fix. This girl’s cover of Despacito will have you floored and singing right along.

Despacito by Luis Fonsi broke the Internet with 1.9 billion views, and while people are still going crazy over the video we can expect the kickass song will have covers coming out of the internet, spilling all over social media. But this cover by Srushti Barlewar has managed to garner the kind of support that no other cover of the song has seen. For starters the fact that it is sung in three different languages. Singing this amazing song, Srushti’s rendition is in Hindi, Spanish and English. Srushti calls it the ‘Indian version’. Her beautiful Hindi lyrics have managed to hit the pulse of the song by not only getting the English part but nailing the Spanish bits of the song as well.

This special cover has already got Srushti some 1,25,951 views and is slowly rising the charts of every trending list. Featuring Daddy Yankee the original Spanish chartbuster has Fonsi’s melodious tunes and a groovy vibe. Everyone from Justin Bieber to every other YouTube artist has gone ahead and tried their hand at the cover of Despacito. However, Srushti’s rendition has managed to make the song like any other Bollywood upbeat number about boy-meets-girl.


Srushti is an avid YouTube artist who has previously done some popular covers of Hindi songs like Enna Sona from Okay Jaanu and Baarish from Half Girlfriend. This cover, however, breaks away from her regular mainstream cinema choices but doesn’t seem to disappoint her fans one bit.


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The Spanish song loosely translated to English includes lyrics like, ‘Slowly, I want to breathe your neck slowly’, ‘I want to strip you off with kisses slowly, sign the walls of your labyrinth, and make your whole body a manuscript’ and then you can’t miss out the brilliant, ‘We will do it on the beach in Puerto Rico, Till the waves scream dear lord, So that my seal stays with you.’ Do not cringe, we have Srushti’s much-approved version for you to understand and sing along, and yeah with all the feels.

You can watch the original video here:

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