This BMW bike is more futuristic than Batpod, but you can't buy it

The rider won't need a helmet while riding this bike

If you think that Batpod bike that was shown in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series is the most futuristic design ever imagined, you are in for a surprise. BMW has come up with even more futuristic concept bike. The main feature of the bike will be that it would be crash-proof. The name of the bike is BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 .The BMW bike has self-balancing system. This will prevent the bike from falling. This means if you are riding the bike at any speed, the bike will remain in an upright position. The imaginary batpod also has this feature. But, the BMW is not just an imagination but a reality conceptualised 30 years in advance. According to BMW, the future bikes may look like this 30 years after.

The bike will have an intelligent system. So, it will already know what lies ahead of the road. A special glasses called The Visor are also designed. This will give real time data of what lies ahead. This basically means the bike will direct the rider. The bike will be made from “flexframe”. BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 bike wouldn’t require joints like traditional bikes. The entire frame will turn with the handlebar.

Though, the bike looks futuristic and has amazing new functions, BMW has not explained what will power the bike. There is no clarity on how it would work. The company has, however, said that it would be 100 per cent emission free. Experts predict that the bike may be powered by electricity. The company has also said that BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 will not be a driver-less bike. Google and many other technology companies are working on a self-driving car. But the company has no such plans for the motorcycle segment.

The company says that since the bike won’t crash, a rider will not need a helmet. But, experts say if the rider is forcibly removed from the bike, this contention by the company won’t prove true. A rider may not need a conventional helmet, but a newly-designed one.