Watch: This amazing monkey looks ready to play the Grand Slam

Six-year-old Riki is here to amaze you with his fantastic tennis-playing skills

Have you ever seen a monkey playing tennis like a pro? No? So, do watch the video of the six-year-old Riki, who plays tennis with his owner, Yoshiyasu Yoshizaki, and even manages in to defeat him in the game. With his fantastic tennis-playing skills, Riki looks ready to play Grand Slam. Yoshiyasu started making these videos last year and has been uploading these on his personal Facebook page as well as on YouTube.

His latest video on Facebook has got more than 9 k views and the perfection with which he plays tennis would definitely surprise you but another thing which is to take note of here is that he is constantly tied with a rope, while playing. In none of the videos that Yoshiyasu has posted, has he talked about it or provided any clarification for it.
But seeing a monkey play tennis so well is definitely amazing. The latest video is the 14th one of a series of videos titled ‘Monkey Tennis’. At one point in the video, the monkey jumps in the air and hits the ball so hard that Yoshiyasu misses the shot.
Watch the latest video here, where Yoshiyasu loses to Riki and in the end Riki can be seen tapping Yoshiyasu for a good effort:

In case, you want to see more of Riki, here are some more from the series posted by Yoshiyasu on Facebook: