This 12-year-old was saved from trafficking by the Railway Protection force and they deserve applause

The Railway Ministry tweeted about how the girl was saved from trafficking due to quick action by the RPF.

Statistics say that every year 44,000 kids in India fall prey to trafficking gangs who might employ these kids in begging, sex work, drug peddling or just about anything that they fancy. While partly this is because police forces are not active enough to make this stop, the way in which such gangs are networked makes this job a lot easier said than done. Braving all odds, the Railway Protection Force saved a 12-year old girl from trafficking and the story should soon begin winning the internet.

The RPF quietly did what it had to and only put up their story on Twitter earlier today, three days after the girl was saved from the clutches of traffickers. Suresh Prabhu’s ministry has had quite a far-reaching Twitter presence and has responded to those who tweet to the page in distress. The tweet says the police felt something was wrong when the girl seemed to be panicking and behaved in a suspicious manner.

Upon enquiry she told the officers that she was travelling with somebody who offered her a better living and was now unable to find him. It’s not known whether her trafficker ran off upon sighting the police or changed his mind about the girl for some other reason. In a happy ending for all, RPF handed the girl over to her parents.

Here are the tweets by the Railway Ministry where they informed citizens about the order of events.

In a country where girls are trafficked and meet with horrifying ends, it’s also upon us citizens to be alert about any such suspicious movement. Kudos to the Railway Police Force for such quick action and for saving a girl from what could have turned out to be a hellhole for her.