This 100-year old granny showing off her dance moves is all the morning motivation you need

If Bruno Mars sees this, he might just regret not having signed up granny for his video.

Ever imagined what any of us would look like if we went on to live up to 100? You’d probably be imagining yourselves in a wheelchair, in bed or probably even dead. But, not this sassy 100 year old granny! She’s got the moves and the grooves and the ’24 karat magic in the air’.

Granny was sure elated at having scored this century and decided to celebrate with her fun dance moves at her birthday bash. Her great grand daughter had the instant presence of mind to capture this old lady on camera and put the video onto Instagram. And before she knew it, granny was viral. The Internet loved her spirit and thanked her for the inspiration she gave us all with over 80k views.

Crazy my gg went viral 80k views popping

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Dancing to Bruno Mars’ famous number , ’24K Magic’ granny made the number a lot more feet tapping for us with this spontaneous performance of hers. Watch her go all out and enjoy herself here. The caption by her great grand daughter sure captures the essence perfectly,

“Her 100th birthday I love my great grandma she’s a real one..!! I know where I get my attitude and my drinking from..”


For all of the youngsters who are still having trouble getting out of bed, what more inspiration do you even need? Also, she just made old-age look so much more fun.