Think you cannot find love while out buying veggies? Let this Twitter love story change that

This girl found her crush at Reliance Fresh and took to Twitter to confess it.

One can find love anywhere, and given how the world is connected thanks to the Internet finding the one we fall for is child’s play. Ever imagined you could find love while you are out buying groceries though? Well, here’s presenting this love story from 2017.

Twitter user ‘artlover09’ spotted a cute guy in a Captain America t-shirt at Reliance Fresh and decided to let him know she was crushing on him. While most of us have at some point in time met a stranger who’s caught our eye and have failed to ever get back in touch with them. But this lady wasn’t going to let this opportunity go and hence tweeted this out.

Yes, this happened and in an interesting turn of events we figured the guy knew he was being checked out but somehow felt his t-shirt was getting all the attention. Turns out this young lady’s new crush is on Twitter as ‘jokebazz’ and is named Rishabh Bhandari.

The girl’s tweet received over 200 retweets and as you can imagine the Internet made it their life’s mission to bring these two together. After Bhandari’s tweet, which came close on the heels of the first tweet this love story caught Twitter’s attention.

We do not know whether these two are getting married or not, but kudos to this young lady for being so open and cute about who she crushed on. So, the next time you are out buying vegetables and groceries, keep your eyes open and the Twitter app too.