Think body shaming is not real? Let these series of tweets show you the reality

Let the hashtag #TheySaid explain to you the true and hard-hitting reality about body shaming

Body shaming is hardly a new issue. In fact, it is one of the major prevalent issues behind anxiety, eating disorders, self-loathing et al. Despite many efforts by women activists, the world is reflected through the prism of ‘fat and thin’ where love handles are loathed and belly fat abhorred, where trying keto diet or fasting for three days is sane but being comfortable in your own body is not. Truth be told, body shaming still remains one of the least addressed issues in the world. But that is gradually changing. Recently, to share her experience about being body shamed, Sally Bergeson, the CEO of Oiselle, took to Twitter and started a new talk about body shaming.

Using the hashtag #TheySaid, Sally shared her experience of being body shamed by her dad when she was 12. In her tweet, she says: “Keep eating like that and you’re going to be a butterball.” My Dad when I was 12. Pls RT and share a body shaming comment. #TheySaid”

Soon, other women joined the bandwagon and shared their painful experiences:

We have all had our days starving, calorie counting and beating ourselves. Get out of that toxic mindset and throw the toxic people away.

Why not try something different? How about being confident in your body for a change?