Think a TV reporter must look a certain way? This girl with Down Syndrome is here to change that

This 21-year old with Down Syndrome will present weather bulletin on French television. Need more proof to the fact that looks do not govern success?

Among all the differently-abled people those with Down Syndrome have it a little too bad when they go after their dreams. The syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome inside a human body which can cause those affected to look significantly different from their peers. Now, we all know how we excel at making life difficult for just about anybody who looks different, or as we like to term it ‘abnormal’, don’t we?

So, when one breaks through to their dreams in spite of looking different and being differently-abled they surely deserve an applause. On that note, we bring to you 21-year old Melanie Segard, affected by Down syndrome and the first of her kind to present live weather bulletin on French television. An example of where grit and determination can take us, Segard will now live her dream job with her telecast on March 14 on public television channel France 2.

UNAPEI facilitated this program and launched a campaign to increase awareness about Down Syndrome. Segard received more than 2,00,000 likes in less than one week. UNAPEI president Luc Gateau spoke to French radio and said they have just proven how a person can overcome their handicap to realize their dreams.

Down Syndrome effects physical and mental growth of a child and is a genetic defect that causes affected children to have characteristic facial features. Every year about 6,000 babies are born with Down Syndrome and awareness regarding the genetic disorder is negligible. Here’s hoping that with more people affected by Down Syndrome coming into the mainstrem, both acceptance and awareness will rise manifold. Kudos to Melanie!