The pineapple on pizza debate is back and guess who kicked it off this time!

Icelandic President made his despise for pineapple on pizza public and Twitterati had no chill.

Pizza has what it takes to kick off another World War over it. And when it comes to pineapple on pizza, that’s been plagued by the ‘to be or not to be’ debate for decades now. This time it’s Icelandic President Guoni Johanneson’s take on the Hawaiian pizza that ha stirred up the debate all over again and just like every other time it’s taken the world by storm.

The Icelandic President was asked for his take on pineapple pizza and without batting an eyelid went on to express how he thought it was an absurd combination and said if he could he would ban it all across the world. Canadians lost their mind over the statement and some even sided with the ban. Funnily everyone seems to think there really will be a ban of the sort in place!

Things got taken so seriously that the Icelandic president had to actually release a  statement apologizing for his word on the wish to ban pineapple pizza. Now, while some among us might think pineapple is just an obnoxious topping to have on pizza, banning it would really just be taking it too far. Johanneson himself might not have imagined being taken that seriously for his pizza preference, but that didn’t deter Twitterati from fighting it out and defending pineapple on pizza with every ounce of their soul.

While everybody is fighting over whether or not pineapple should be on pizza, we here are pretty much like.

What’s your take on the Hawaiian pizza though?