The Internet is in love with this teen's Black Lives Matter-themed prom dress

Think prom is simply for fun? Allow 17-year-old Milan Bolden-Morris to change that forever.

Police brutality has been a long-standing issue in the United States – with instances of violence breaking out ever so often against African Americans more than anyone else. Racial profiling, racial discrimination and racial hatred has escalated to a point that not a month goes by without a video or photo of police brutality surfacing on the web. So much so that the racism kicked off the hashtag ‘Black Lives Matter’, and now it has reached a point where even teenagers have taken to making political statements. When you watch enough people from your community manhandled, and even killed over their skin colour – being silent is no longer an option.

Prom season is here and obscenely expensive to supremely cute promposals have gone viral recently. Now, brace yourselves for the most offbeat prom story. 17-year-old Milan Bilden Morris walked into her prom night in a dress that made heads turn thanks to the faces of police brutality victims on it. Unlike what you might think this was no super-glam dress in the typical sense of it, but beautiful it sure was. What’s more beautiful than a dress that’s a tribute to police brutality victims, right?

Morris got her family friend Terrence Torrence to design the dress for her and she sure did make the right kind of statement at the prom. The dress included Trayvon Martin, the kid who got gunned down when he went to meet his father; Sandra Bland, a black woman who died while in custody and Tamira Rice who the police decided to shoot down when she was playing with a toy gun. The dress won Morris a lot of love and praise, and Snoop Dogg took to Instagram to to repost her picture.

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Trayvon Martin and Sybrina Fulton’s mothers saw the dress and that must have made the lady’s day. Milan also happens to be a star athlete at her high school and kills it at basketball. Now, that’s a lady her prom date must have been very very proud of!