Teen leaves town; but her dog back home still waits for her

Carly Dunn left town her higher studies but for her dog, Bo still waits for her get off her bus like she did during her high school days.

Dogs are the most compassionate creatures on earth. Period. There’s nothing more satisfying than going back home to your little or no-so-little fur ball after a long tiring day.

At the same time, it is super painful when you have to leave your little four-legged baby and go away for a long time.

When Carly Dunn, who is now studying in Georgia State University left for college four months ago, she had to leave someone supremely adorable behind: her dog, Bo.

What’s moving is that her dog, Bo still stares at the window and waits for her to get off  from the bus like she did in high school every single day. For real!

Carly tweeted a picture of the loyal Bo staring at the window along with a text message saying, “Your old bus just went by,” it said. “Bo still hopes you are getting off after all this time.”

In an interview to a daily, Carly admitted that Bo was always bad with goodbyes and makes a gloomy face everytime she is about to leave. Since the time Carly posted the picture, Twitterati’s have been requesting her to return back to Bo ASAP.

And we could not agree more. I mean look at him.




Some one on Twitter came up with a really cool idea too.

Hang in there, Bo! Carly will soon come and give you big warm hug.