WTF! 65% Indians Think 'Smartphones Are Their Best Friends'

77% Indians admitted that they 'panic' when they think they have lost their smartphone

Let’s accept it — Indians are work-obsessed people who just can’t get enough of their smartphones!

Last year a report by a global market research firm, Mintel pointed out a disturbing trend in India. The report said that Indian millennials reportedly spend 52 hours a week at work — highest in the world.

And now, another report by global telecommunication giant Motorola in association with Dr Nancy Etcoff, an expert in ‘Mind-Brain Behavior and the Science of Happiness’ at Harvard University, suggests that 47 percent Indians care for their smartphones more than their loved ones!

Interestingly, 65 percent Indians described their ‘smartphones as their best friend’ as against 53 percent of the total respondents. But that’s not it. India topped the list again with 64 percent people wanting help with phone-life balance. Furthermore, 53 percent Indians said that they would feel happier if they spent less time on their smartphones.

Ironically, 77 percent of the Indian respondents said that they ‘panic’ when they think they’ve lost their smartphones.

Also, the study found out that 46 percent Indians were thinking about using their smartphones next time that they get a chance to use their devices.

Key findings
Apart from giving details of smartphone usage pattern in India, the study showed that people, mostly the younger generation who have grown up in a digital era, are putting their phones before the people they care about.

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The study also showed that 49 percent people agree that they check their smartphones more often than they would like to. Also, 35 percent people, which includes 44 percent of Gen Z, agree that they are spending too much time using their smartphone.

In terms of emotional overdependence, two-thirds of the total respondents admitted that they ‘panic’ when they think they have lost their smartphone.

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About the study
The study, pioneered by Motorola, involved a total of 4,418 respondents from India, US, Brazil, and France. The respondents were classified into four age groups: Gen Z (16-20 yrs), Millennials (21-37 yrs), Gen Xers (38-53 yrs) and Baby Bloomers (54-65 yrs). The study aimed to analyse the smartphone usage pattern relationship among people.