Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: How PUBG Has Taken India By Storm

India ranks third in PUBG's global user base

Ever since PlayersUnknown’s Battleground, or PUBG as its popularly known, released in 2016, it took the gaming world by storm — the graphics are better than most battle royale games and the element of shooter-survival makes you play it over and over again. In other words, it’s a better off version of CounterStrike where players from all over the world can randomly team up and survive a battle by killing others.

In the game, 100 players parachute onto a battlefield where they then find vehicles and weapons. After doing that the players then need to battle it out and becoming the last person standing to win the game.

But no other country proved to be as large an untapped base as India. With the release of the game’s mobile version, 40% of its user base comprises of Indians — the country now ranks third globally and PUBG will now have its biggest e-sports championship in India. It’s the first e-sport to record a streak of 1 million concurrent users for 366 days.

PUBG Mobile now has 20 million daily active users in just six months.

However, the game’s PC version seems to be losing steam as for the first time in 2018, the game saw its active players’ number fall down below one million in September.