Volkswagen's self driving car Sedric looks like a Giant Panda

Meet Sedric, a luxurious chauffeur car that will not only pick your kids from school but also talk to you

Volkswagen group has unveiled a self-driving car and it looks like a Giant Panda with distinct eyes and a cute smile.

Sedric or the self-driving car made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show 2017 and is the company’s first venture into the self-driving car market.

Sedric has been made to operate on level 5 of autonomy, which means it does not need human assistance at all. Unlike all other autonomous vehicles in the market, Sedric can be controlled using a single touch of ‘The Button’, which not only indicates the arrival time using a combination of coloured signals and vibration but can also be used to summon the car at your location.

The boxy car is basically a lounge housed inside a car that can not only drive you home but also pick your children from school, look for parking space, pick up family members and friends from the airport and even collect shopping that has been ordered, all by a single touch. What’s more? The car can be tailor-made to offer customised mobility to everyone including adults, children, senior citizens and even people with disabilities.


Sedric (Photo: Volkswagen)

Sedric offers the highest possible degree of mobility as it can be controlled not only using ‘The Button’ but also using voice commands and a smartphone app.

The most interesting fact about Sedric is that you can actually talk to it (no we’re not bluffing). According to the company, Sedric can talk to its passengers about the destination, driving time, traffic conditions and even alternate shorter routes. The car’s windscreen that is essentially a big OLED screen that can be used as an entertainment centre. Apart from pitching it as a personal car, the company is also planning to use it as a taxi.

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Sedric looks a driver’s dream. However, there’s no word on the pricing or when the company is planning to launch it in the market.