Valentine's day 2017: 10 tech gifts to woo your special someone on Valentine's day

For all those who want to surprise their tech-savvy partners with unconventional gifts on Valentine's Day, here's something you should check out

The festival of love– Valentine’s day is here and the entire world is painted in the colour of love. The streets are bustling with youngsters who have planned a special evening for their special someone. From red roses to chocolates and greeting cards to teddy bears, markets are full of Valentine’s day goodies. However, if your partner is the kind of person who cringes at these cheesy gifts and you are on a lookout for something interesting for your tech-savvy partner, don’t worry, we got your back.

Here are some interesting ideas for your tech-savvy partner:

The Touch


The Touch Ring (Photo: The Touch)

Long distance relationships are difficult and they end up taking a toll on both the partners. While video calls and text messages have reduced the communication gap, they haven’t been able to reduce the distance. However, The Touch has come up with Bluetooth rings that let you feel your partner’s heartbeat no matter where you are. Available in two options– stainless steel and rose gold, each ring comes with a sapphire crystal frame making them water and dust resistant.

Motiv Ring


The Motiv Ring
(Photo: Motiv)

Are you planning to propose to your partner? Well, we have just the perfect ring for you. Motiv Ring is a fitness tracker that measures everything from your heart rate to your sleep duration, to distance covered and even the calories that you burned in a day. Available in two colours– Slate Gray and Rose Gold, Motiv ring comes with a waterproof coating, Bluetooth connectivity and a battery that can last up to 5 days.

Instant Camera


Instant Camera (Photo: Facebook)

Clicking pics can never go out of vogue and if your partner is a photo buff, what better gift to give on Valentine’s day other than a classic instant camera with a twist of technology. And Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 8 is exactly what you need to keeping clickin’!



Headphones (Photo: Skullcandy)

If your partner is a music lover, giving quirky-looking headphones is the easiest way out of the gifting woes. The best thing is that Skullcandy happens to have an amazing collection of headphones and earphones for you to pick from.

Amazon Kindle


Amazon Kindle (Photo: Amazon)

If you got the kinda girl who loves to get lost in the world of books just like Belle (read: Beauty and the Beast), Amazon Kindle is your best bet. Just give her a book, well in this case Kindle, and join her as she takes you to her magical world.

Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo (Photo: Facebook)

One smart device for all smart couples is Amazon Echo. If you’re thinking it’s just a smart speaker and there are others available out there at a lesser price then there are some things that you should know. It can not only play music and wake you up in the morning but also help you find your smartphone, buy stuff online but also help you control the place where food resides– the kitchen. Still having second thoughts?!

Google Chromecast


Google Chromecast (Photo: Google)

If you are the kind of couple that likes to binge on TV series and movies, Google Chromecast is the best ever gift you can gift each other. Just connect it to your TV and witness it as it turns your TV into a magic box.

Selfie Stick


Selfie Stick (Photo: Pixabay)

Clicking pics with your partner on a romantic date is one of the most difficult things to do. The dilemma is how to click pics together. Thanks to a wonderful invention called a selfie stick you can click as many pics as you want without a care in the world.



Tile Mate (Photo: Tile Mate)

If your partner has a tendency of forgetting things, then we have a gadget that will put an end to all your troubles. Meet Tile-Mate, a gadget that you can attach to anything that you forget. The good part is that as long as you are in the Bluetooth range of your smartphone, you can make the tile ring to locate it. But that’s not it as it works the other way round too. Just double tap on a tile and it’ll make your phone ring even if it’s on the silent mode.

Portable Charger


Portable Charger (Photo: Flickr)

Are you tired of losing contact with your partner coz his/her phone battery died? Well one thing that you can gift him/her is a portable charger.

So gear up guys and celebrate this Valentine’s day with a tinge of tech!