These are things you cannot do after net neutrality comes to an end

The end of net neutrality might not seem so harmful immediately, but in the long run the disadvantages are pretty simple. Read on:

Net neutrality is dead in the US, at least for now.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted to end net neutrality. In simple world, net neutrality meant your Internet service providers have to let customers access all websites or applications without charging discriminatory prices or favouring anyone.

FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, had said the rollback of net neutrality rules would eventually ‘help’ consumers. He even released a (ridiculous) video to explain how you can still do your favorite things on the internet after net neutrality:

While he mentions everything that you can still do on the internet, here’s a list of things that you can’t do once net neutrality comes to an end:

1) Netflix and chill

Major internet providers will throttle sites like Netflix by forcing them to pay extra money to handle their data.  This in turn might result in higher prices for Netflix users. So without net neutrality, you might just end up paying Rs 400/movie instead of the Rs 800 you pay for unlimited movies. (Source)


2) Livin’ on the cloud

Got 10 GB of images and videos from the last trip you took? You’ll probably have to pay to store them online since ISPs might jack up prices by putting a limit on upload/download size. But hey, be grateful that Mr Ajit Pai is still letting you use Snapchat, okay? (Source)


3) Stalking your crush

With ISPs practicing discriminative pricing, you might have to pay Google up to Rs 100 for every search you make. It’s not Google’s fault, they gotta make up for all the extra charges the ISPs might throw their way! (Source)


4) Free…err..videos

Let’s face it, you might actually have to pay to watch porn. Yes, neutrality will kill a lot of things you enjoy on the internet, including access to copious amounts of free adult entertainment. (Source)


5) You’ll have to pay for things that are free right now

Here’s what the internet *might* look like without net neutrality:

Twitter: Rs 500/month
Snapchat: Rs 450/month
YouTube: Rs 1400/month
Netflix: Rs 400/per movie
Google: Rs 100/per search

Yep, your tweets and Insta stories might cost you money! Social media is going to be an expensive affair without net neutrality. So kids, if you don’t want to pay extra for any website, you need to be supporting #NetNeutrality