Now you can play YouTube videos in the background even when your smartphone screen is off

Playing songs on YouTube can be a bit difficult, especially when your phone screen is off. But you can use Firefox, FireTube and Blackr apps to listen to your favourite songs uninterruptedly

We all have spent hours listening to our favourite songs on YouTube. Be it playing songs from the Kishore Kumar era (I still can’t get over ‘Ye jo Mohabbat hai’) or the songs from Ed Sheeran’s latest album Divide, YouTube has been there with us every time we needed words to describe our feelings right. And those who have been there on YouTube would understand that playing songs in a loop can become a tedious task, especially when the phone screen is off (because the songs just won’t play).

But you need not worry as here are a few tricks you can use to play songs on YouTube in a loop (without worrying about your smartphone screen going dark):

Firefox web browser is one of the best apps you can have on your smartphones. Granted that we all have gotten used to Google Chrome but Firefox offers little tips and tricks that are hard to find on Chrome. For instant playing songs on YouTube with your screen off. All you need to do is download the Firefox app on your phone and then go to the settings to request Desktop version of web browser and it’s done!

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FireTube app
FireTube is a simple app that lets you play YouTube videos in the background with your screen off. Instead of playing the entire video, the app uses a single image while it plays the audio saving you a lot of data. You can even log in with your YouTube account to listen to your custom playlists.

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Blackr app
Blackr by Neximo Labs is another app that you can use. This app works by simulating a black locked screen, fooling you to believe that your smartphone screen is locked, wherein in reality its not.

Happy YouTube-ing!