Bought The New iPhone? Well, You Might As Well Go Back In Time & Stop Yourself

In just a matter of a few days, Apple has been rocked by three so-called "gates" which have led many to reconsider their life choices

Did you just buy the latest iPhone after standing for hours in front of the Apple store? Well, the only thing you can do now is invent the time machine, travel back in time, tap on the shoulder of your past self who would be standing in the line and shake yourself till you get in your senses! If you’re one of those extra-dimensional beings who replaced their iPhones with iPhone XS or XS Max by shelling out Rs 1 lakh, here’s the reality: iPhones are not perfect.

In just a matter of a few days, Apple has been rocked by three so-called “gates” (or scandals) which have led many to reconsider their life choices:

Some users have been complaining that their phones are not charging properly. Termed ‘charge-gate’, the problem is clearly visible in a video uploaded by the popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy. When the phones are locked and in the idle state, they don’t seem to charge on plugging the lightning cable. However, if you tap on the phone and wake the screen, it starts to charge.

apple iphone chargegate

The problem seems to persist with the Max variant more and people are debating whether this is a hardware or a software issue. But, according to this Reddit thread, other users with older devices are also facing the same issue. Though Apple hasn’t confirmed whether the issue exists, it has released a fix that is yet to reach iPhone and iPad users.

The selfies clicked on these two phones appear to smooth out the skin and reduce the shadow details. This effect is similar to “beauty mode” in other phones. Unbox Therapy made a video about this as well. According to him, there’s no option to switch it off and this “beautification” of selfies will happen whether you like it or not. However, this only happens indoors or in low light situations. Apple has declined to comment on this.

Blue shift
Some users have also experienced a blue-shift in the OLED screens of the iPhone XS Max. It happens when you rotate the device at a particular angle. The common opinion is that this is happening with the LG-manufactured OLED panels of the iPhone whereas the Samsung-manufactured OLED panels seem to work just fine.

Though Apple is not confirming any of these, it has started to roll out patches that may correct these blunders. But well, you just paid around Rs 1 lakh for these inconveniences so…have a good day!