India's 'R2D2' Can Sense If You're Having A Bad Day & She May Soon Replace Your HR

Mitri may soon replace your office's HR!

If you’re having a slow day at work or are not in a good mood, Mitri can come up to your desk and ask you whether you would want to go to a concert. But Mitri is not your friend and neither is she human. She is India’s first robot receptionist.

Created by Bengaluru-based startup Invento Robotics, Mitri is designed to be a colleague at the workplace and automate front desk jobs like data collection. Her creator Balaji Viswanathan told The News Minute,

“Most times, data collection and processing is a cumbersome activity for the front desk. By giving this work to the AI and monitoring it, you are increasing the speed and efficiency at which data is collected and processed.”

With ‘R2D2-esque’ features like her dome-shaped, antenna-fitted head, fully plastic body frame and blue LED eyes, Mitri is able to recognise employees after collecting information like name, age and other workplace details. She will even raise her hand to give you a handshake. She can also be coded to speak in many languages and is designed to analyse employees’ performance details.

Though robots in tech companies are yet to be a prominent feature, Mitri will soon be introduced alongside Mitra robot at Chennai International Airport.