From Fantastic Beasts to GIFs, Google Allo new range of emojis covers all your muggle needs

Google Allo is getting new emojis and GIF and we can't wait to get our hands on them!

Ever feel like Google Allo does not have enough emojis to cater to your mood swings? Well, worry not as Google has found the perfect solution to your emoji problem. The tech giant has introduced multiple features that will make your conversation more interesting.

Months ago the Google had introduced emoji search in Google Allo, and now the company’s smart messaging app is making it easier for you to add GIFs to your chat. All you have to do is tap the smiley icon in the chat bar and swipe left to find the perfect GIF for your conversation.

You can even share a GIF pertaining to the specific phrase. Just type “@lucky” followed by the phrase and select the perfect GIF relevant to your chat.

But that’s not it. Google is also introducing animated emojis in Google Allo. To animate your emoji all you have to do is touch and hold the send button and ‘then drag up to see your emoji come to life’! However, there’s a catch. This option is available only for 10 emojis, so you have a limited number of emoticons to choose from.

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Furthermore, Google is also adding a shortcut to bring Google Assistant into your personal chats. Just tap the Google Assistant icon in the chat box and your assistant is ready to help you.

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Google Allo is rolling out all these interesting features on Android starting today. As far as iOS users are concerned, well you guys will have to wait as the company plans to roll out the updates ‘soon’.