Facebook new Messenger Day feature is yet another reason why we should stop using Snapchat

Facebook copied yet another feature and we're just bored of classroom cheating habit!

Facebook just revamped its messenger app by adding a brand new feature called ‘Messenger Day’. The feature essentially works like Snapchat Stories and lets you share images that disappear within 24 hours. With Messenger Day you can not only share your images and videos with your friends but you can also view what they shared. The social media giant first began testing this feature in Poland last year and finally, the update has been rolled out on Android and iOS globally.

You can access the feature by tapping the ‘Add to your day’ button at the top of your Messenger app. Doing this opens the camera in the full-screen mode, using which you can click a photo or record a video and add art and effects to your image. You can then add the image directly to your day, send it to a friend or even send it to a group of friends.

The new feature is yet another reason why we should stop using Snapchat, the app that opened a new avenue by introducing the concept of sharing images and videos that disappear in 24 hours. As Snapchat gained popularity, the app introduced another feature called ‘Stories’ that let its users share a bunch of images that disappear in 24 hours, consequently becoming the biggest threat to Facebook, which in the meantime eliminated its competition including WhatsApp and Instagram by taking them under its own ambit. However, that wasn’t enough to scare away the company that kept innovating while sticking to its original concept– letting users share images and videos that disappear in 24 hours.

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Threatened by the competition, Facebook added ‘similar’ features to all its social media arms– Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram in lieu of taking ‘inspiration’. Despite the constant strife, Snapchat registered a steady growth even as the company made a stunning debut on the Wall Street. And now that the 24-hour disappearance bug has bitten Facebook Messenger, it’s time that we should bid adieu to Snapchat. After all, Facebook is offering everything that Snapchat has!

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The question is why would anyone switch over to Snapchat just to post disappearing images when Facebook has four different apps that provide the same feature? Because Facebook and its associates are brimming with features that have created an unnecessary clutter on all its social networking platforms and because they lack originality. Snapchat, on the other hand, has not diverted from its path and hence is clearly acing in the Facebook-dominated era!

Would you opt for some clone that lacks innovation or would you go for the original? Facebook or Snapchat– the choice is yours!