Check into India's first voice-activated smart hotel room

You can not only play music but also request room services using voice commands

Park Inn recently introduced India’s first voice-activated smart hotel rooms at its branch at IP Extension in New Delhi. Intrigued by the development, we decided to visit Park Inn to explore this feature. And we must admit that these smart hotel rooms took us by surprise.

These smart hotel rooms are powered by Amazon Alexa. You can not only control the lighting and air-conditioning using voice commands, but you can also use television. But that’s not it as you can also surf Google and ask Alexa to read information from Wikipedia. We asked Alexa to look for Bill Gates and it wasted no time in reading out the information.

In case you are bored, you can also ask Alexa to play latest party songs or even songs by specific artists. We asked Alexa to play the latest party songs and we were totally amazed by how it set the mood by playing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’. But that’s just a part of the amazing experience that these smart hotel rooms offer as you can also request room services and concierge services using Alexa.

In case you feel too lazy to speak, you can use your smartphone to operate everything from the lights to the TV. Yes, your smartphone dubs as a remote for TV, ‘light controller’, a mouse, and a screen that orders housekeeping services, laundry services, room services and even concierge.

Happy staying folks!