Amazon has designed a 'mini rainforest' inside its Seattle office and we are officially jealous

Amazon Spheres house 40,000 species of plants from around the world.

“Alexa, open the Spheres”– with that, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos opened the doors to the company’s $4 billion hybrid greenhouse-cum-office space at its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

‘Amazon Spheres’ is a colossal structure consisting of rivers, waterfalls, trees, gigantic tree houses, and a towering tropical wall that will instantly transport you to a different world.

The facility, which took over six years of planning and construction, consists of three connected spheres that have been constructed using glass and steel and can accommodate up to 800 people at a time.

Amazon Spheres

Amazon Spheres (Twitter/NBBJ Designs)

In case you are planning to book a ticket Seattle to experience the natural beauty of this gorgeous structure first hand, don’t bother.

The place is reserved for Amazonians only. However, even the Amazon employees have to reserve their entry time well in advance. The place has been already booked until April. The place isn’t open to the public unless of course, you are touring the Amazon headquarters.

Amazon Spheres

Amazon Spheres (Photo: Twitter/NBBJ Designs)

The largest sphere is 90-feet tall and 130-feet wide and a green wall stretches up 65 feet lining a staircase that climbs to the top of the largest sphere.

Amazon Sphere

Amazon Sphere (Photo: Twitter/Ryan Yamamoto)

Amazon is known for its animal-friendly workplaces, but ‘Spheres’ is not open to pets. However, service animals are allowed.

Amazon Sphere

Amazon Sphere (Photo: Twitter/Ryan Yamamoto)

The beautiful structure houses 40,000 plants of 400 species from 30 countries across the globe. Most of these plants have been shipped from tropical eco-systems called ‘cloud forests’ where the high elevation enables the plants to get moisture directly from clouds (isn’t it amazing!).

Amazon Spheres

Amazon Spheres (Photo: Twitter/Megan Farmer)

Inside the ‘Spheres’ the temperature is warm and humid varying between 68 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 to 65 percent humidity. Inside there are micro-climates which can be controlled within each sphere. The structure has a place for everyone!

Amazon Spheres

Amazon Spheres (Photo: Twitter/Archinect)

The largest living body inside the structure is a plant called Ficus rubiginosa or ‘Rubi’. It is 55-foot tall!

Amazon Spheres

Amazon Spheres (Photo: Twitter/Archinect)

In case you’re wondering how this mega marvel is holding its ground, here’s an interesting fact. It has been created using 620 tons of steel and 12 million pounds of concrete and it consists of 2,643 glass panes that give the Amazonians inside the structure a 360 view of downtown Seattle.

The credit for designing and bringing this structure to life goes local architecture firm NBBJ. In case these images weren’t enough to make you fall in love with Amazon’s latest workplace, here is a collection of images that will surely change your mind:

There’s an aquarium too!

Doesn’t this remind you of the Amazon rainforest?

There’s ample space for everyone.

Jealous much?

Here’s another image that will give you rainforest feels:

Take a look at the giant ‘wall’:

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Meet ‘Rubi’:

Amazon a inauguré ses « Sphères » cette semaine, à son siège de Seattle, dans l’État de Washington. Pleines de plantes, les trois bulles de verre et d’acier, accueilleront les employés de la société qui souhaiteront y travailler ou s’y détendre. Les bulles mesurent de 24 à 29 mètres de haut. • « Les employés d’Amazon pourront travailler dans un environnement qui tient davantage de la forêt tropicale perdue dans les nuages que du bureau, a fait valoir Amazon dans un communiqué. […] Les travailleurs pourront se rencontrer dans des cabanes suspendues à des arbres de plus de 10 mètres. » • Dessinées par la firme NBBJ, les trois Sphères comptent au total 40 000 plantes de 400 espèces différentes, venues d’un peu partout dans le monde. Faites de 2600 panneaux de verre, elles sont maintenues à une température de 22 °C et une humidité de 60 % pendant la journée. . : Reuters/Lindsey Wasson . . . #Amazon #AmazonSpheres #architechture #botanique #botany #plantes #plants #Seattle #LenoraStreet #EnvironnementDeTravail #workplace #JeffBezos #NBBJ #internet #rcinfo #resting #restingplace #rest #working #work #spheres #nature #glasswall #hut #tree #arbre #washington #forest #tropicalforest

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The place is drop dead gorgeous at night as well. Take a peek:

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Do you feel like ditching your job and moving to Amazon yet?