Afraid Your Ears Will Go Boom On Diwali? 5 Noise-Cancelling Devices That Can Help

If you're someone who dreads Diwali because of the noise of firecrackers, here are 5 noise-cancelling devices that can help you out

Despite the Supreme Court banning the sale of firecrackers during Diwali last year, many cities (especially Delhi) were enveloped in after-festivities smog and the decibel levels were similar to that of previous years. This year, the apex court has allowed the sale of firecrackers but on the condition that they are ‘less polluting’. Well, that may get a little hard to enforce, so you can expect noise levels to be as worse.

If you’re someone who dreads Diwali because of the noise of firecrackers, here are five noise-cancelling devices that can help you out:

1. Noise Reduction Earmuffs 

The place you’ll see industrial ear muffs most often are in airports, and for a reason. Planes can make so much noise that they can damage your eardrums. And so can firecrackers. They can block low-frequency noise, human speech or the high-frequency noise you hear during Diwali.

Many studies have also shown that using noise reduction ear muffs can enhance your cognitive functions. By removing disturbing noise from your environment, you can reduce stress levels, improve general well-being, and prevent permanent hearing impairment.


Product: 3M 1436
Price: Rs 435

This earmuff also comes with a respirator mask combo on Amazon. Hmm… we wonder why?

2. Ear Plugs

Though not as effective as the noise-reducing earmuffs, they can still block out some (if not all) frequencies of noise, and are effective in not letting your eardrums rupture. They’re a godsend if you live with a roommate/partner who snores. They are designed to fit comfortably in your ears and help block out all ambient noise so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Most of the ear plugs available on the market are single-use. Their prices range from anywhere between Rs 100 to thousands. The one mentioned below is on a higher end as they can be moulded in the shape of your ear to block out all noise.

ear plugs

Product: Decibullz Moldable Earplugs
Price: Rs 4263

3. Noise-cancelling earphones

Noise-cancelling headphones have been around for a while. They used to be steeply-priced but with so many models lining the shelves now, they have also entered a competitive price market. Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones with a balanced sound and great active features can mask the outside noise quite effectively.

They are different from noise isolating headphones in the sense that their circuitry generates a “fingerprint” of the noise they detect from the microphone and create a phase that is not in sync with the noise, thus cancelling them out.

noise cancelling headphones

Product: Juarez Acoustics JZ500 Bluetooth
Price: Rs 990

4. Bass Traps

Bass Traps are generally used by musicians in their studio to soundproof them. But they can be as effective in blocking out sounds if you strategically place them inside your room — like near the door or in a corner. They have a high rate of sound absorption and insulation and they can be effective if you want some quiet (not just around Diwali). Also, it’s the only product on this list which is eco-friendly.

corner bass traps

Product: Aurica Sound Proofing Corner Bass
Price: Rs 2511

5. White Noise machine

A white noise machine produces random sounds on the likes of a rushing waterfall or a wind blowing through trees. So they can be quite effective in inducing sleep, and most of the products on the market are made for infants or babies.

Some devices also are effective in masking other sounds (like the continuous boom of firecrackers) but it would take your ears some training to shut out other noise.

white noise machine

Product: White Noise Sleep Bundle
Price: Rs 11,770