5 Bluetooth Headphones Under Rs 2000 That Don't Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

It can be pretty safely said that the days of wired earphones are numbered. At one point they were distributed as freebies in flights but now people hardly ever ask for them. Many are opting for the comfort of ear-cupping headphones which you can just wear and forget.

But there’s still that one thing that people prefer not to deal with — the wire. Who has the time to sort out tangles anymore? And no one likes the wire brushing against your face while you jog or get stuck in someone’s bag when you take the public transport. Bluetooth is an absolute necessity now. But when we think of Bluetooth + headphones, the one brand that comes into mind is the expensive JBL. But the market is far from being dominated by them.

So, here are 5 Bluetooth headphones available on retail sites for under Rs 2,000:

1. Nu Republic Starboy

nu republic starboy

Price: Rs 1299
An on-ear wireless headset, Nu Republic Starboy has Bluetooth 4.1 enabled and has an AUX port as well to stream music when you exhaust its battery. With a battery life of up to 8 hours, one good thing that the headset offers is noise isolation — which is not exactly the electronic ‘noise cancellation’ but still something worth buying it for.

2. Envent Boombud

envent boombud

Price: Rs 1599
Withstanding 10 hours of simultaneous playtime with 2 Bluetooth devices, Envent Boombud comes with microUSB port for charging the device as well as a mic on the right arm of the device to make calls. Though the wear and tear of the band might just snap the whole headset into two as the material is bendable plastic.

3. boAt Rockerz 510

Boat Rockerz 510

Price: Rs 1979
With sufficiently big earcups that fit perfectly and a Bluetooth range of over 25 feet, the headphones are great for those who want a more sturdy device. Battery lasts up to 7 hours at a stretch and the keys on the side are bid enough for your fingers to not constantly search for them. The greatest thing about this headset is the bass, which one can adjust as well.

4. Bluedio T2

Bluedio T2

Price: Rs 1890
Released 7 years ago, the headphones are still one of the leaders in the under Rs 2,000 segment. The headphones feature a unique rotary design which holds the earcups in place and can be folded inwards for portability. The Turbine 2 is light and comfortable to wear and the bass is warm and thumping.

5. Motorola Pulse 3 Max

motorola max pulse 3

Price: Rs 1250
Boasting a rigid design, Motorola Max Pulse 3 has a bass system that rivals JBL. However, people mostly complain about the fact that noise cancellation is not really good.

(with inputs from Siddhant Grover)