Swedish women's football team is here with the most inspiring jerseys we have seen in a long time

The team has dropped their names from the jerseys in favour of quotes handpicked by the players.

Football jerseys have had the player’s name on it since times immemorial and the Sweden women’s team has now dropped that tradition. Not for no reason though, they’ve dropped it to instead fill the space with quotes. The quotes are meant to inspire and motivate women to achieve anything they want to.

The Swedish Football Association launched this initiative in the hope that this would motivate the ladies in the team to be at their best when on the field. The players were asked to choose tweets made by famous Swedish women and the ones they chose were then put onto their jerseys. The team captain picked a quote by Swedish politician Gudrun Schyman that says ‘never look down on someone unless it is to help her up’.

The captain when speaking to a media house said that the national team shirt is an important symbol. She further said that it is important young women are told repeatedly that there is nothing they cannot achieve simply because of their gender. Niklas Bodell the communications director at the Swedish Football Association said that its important to set an example of women can do when they come together to show their power. We can all agree that there is no bigger example of teamwork than a women’s team that plays together and helps bring each other up on the ladder to success.

Here’s hoping the Swedish Football team’s jerseys provide all the inspiration we women need to make sure we succeed in whatever we choose to do. No power is bigger than all women coming together in solidarity after all.