Swami Om gets slapped on a TV show | WATCH now!

The infamous baba is back at it again. Here's Swami Om adding a brand new feather to his cap! Watch him get into a heated tussle and get slapped by the angry audience!

Where there’s crazy, there’s Swami Om.

The infamous Bigg Boss 10 contestant who was (thankfully!) kicked out of the show is always in the news thanks to his crazy antics.
His stay in the house was nothing short of infuriating left us looking around our houses for Disprin. Right from openly flouting house rules to passing derogatory comments on fellow contestants, our viscous baba has done it all.
He didn’t spare host Salman Khan either, who was exhausted and tired of dealing with the irrational swami.
Post his tumultuous stint in Bigg Boss, the self proclaimed God man still hasn’t gotten his act together and this time he got into a brawl with the panelists and the audience!

Clearly Swami Om hasn’t really learnt anything from his experience in the house. When probed by the panelists, Swami Om apparently made some not-so-appropriate remarks about women that caused an uproar among the audience and panelists alike.

Post the uproar, some members of the audience went ahead and slapped Swami om. The eccentric baba sure does create a ruckus wherever he goes!
The news channel ‘News Nation’ has released the video of the scuffle that has taken social media by storm.
Watch the crazy God Man doing what he does best right here: